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Belize Elite Basketball League No Limit Soldiers Get Their First Victory In Corozal!!!

Team No Limit still had a bitter taste in their collective mouths after suffering the home loss on opening night to the San Pedro Tiger Sharks on February 7th . They all believed that it was a game that they could've won and should've won, but as with any team with so many new players, it takes time to build chemistry.  Next up on the calendar was the Corozal Heats, a team that has been together a lot longer than the Belize City No Limit Soldiers, thus had more time to familiarize themselves with each other's tendencies, strengths and weaknesses ; but like the city boys, they lost their home opener as well. So, going into the Friday night matchup in the northernmost district in the country, both teams were sporting a 0-1 record and hungry for a win. This game against the Heats was the Soldiers 1st road game of the season, but their departure from the city was delayed due to some works being done on the Philip Goldson Highway (formerly the Northern Highway) near Horizon primary school, that resulted in traffic inching forward at a seemingly glacial pace. Eventually, the team bus got past the road construction and onto the open road to Corozal. The bus ride to the Andres Campos Civic Center in Corozal Town was a great team building exercise for the Soldiers, as they talked about everything from Lebron James' gaming winning shot against the Warriors to politics in Belize. But when they arrived at the Corozal Civic Center it was all business.

When it was finally tip off time both teams had their game faces on, and were ready to get their first win of the season.  The Belize City No Limit Soldiers struggled out of the gate, as the Corozal Heats took control of the game in the first half.  The Heats led by as many as ten in the 1st half, only relinquishing their lead once early in the 1st quarter, as the city boys took a 15 to 14 advantage with 15 seconds left.  But the No Limit Soldiers wouldn't go down, as they managed to keep the game close going into halftime, being down 40 to 37. The 3rd and 4th quarter would belong to Belize City Smart No Limit, as they opened the 3rd quarter with a 15 to 4 run, holding the lead for all but 5 minutes of the half.  The Soldiers led by as many as 17 points in the 4th,  before the Heats eventually closed the gap prior to the final buzzer, to make for a more respectable final score of 78 to 75 in favor of the Belize City No Limit Soldiers. As a team, the Soldiers showed improvement from the charity stripe, hitting 14 of their 31 attempts (45%), which isn't great, but is still a step forward from the dismal 19 for 48 (39%) performance from the season opener.  Greg "Chippy" Rudon led Team No Limit in both points and rebounds for a double-double of 24 points and 12 boards. The always efficient Brandon Rogers shot 7 of 12 for 16 points, to go along with his 8 rebounds. And Andrew Ortiz, AKA "Mr. Throw It Down,"  would finish the game with 9 points and 8 boards, but not before he had a couple highlight dunks, including an especially thunderous tomahawk slam that seemed to suck all the energy out of those in support of the home side while causing pure euphoria for the city fans that made the journey. 


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