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Dangriga Warriors Survive Their First Game of the NEBL!!!

Last Saturday night at the Y-Not Island in Dangriga Town, the Warriors halted the galloping Bandits and pulled out a last minute win 57-56, giving the Bandits their first heartfelt loss of the season. The game in the first half was a mess of turn-overs and mistakes, particularly when the balls were in the hands of the Bandits. Those who are superstitious may have wondered if the court was not being influenced by spirits working in favor of the Warriors. The Bandits players committed a grand total of 25 turnovers for this game! The turnovers were of all sorts, ranging from lack of concentration and coordination to miscommunication and innocent passes. The first half of the game was also unimpressive in terms of plays and scoring.  The first quarter ended with only 13-12 in favor of the Bandits. The continued fierce struggle by both teams to try to get ahead in the second quarter was evidenced on the scoreboard which read 31-30 at the end of the half, with Warriors in the lead.

Dangriga Warriors Belmopan Point Bandits

In the second half, the teams’ performances improved, but only marginally; there were still visible inconsistencies. It was not until the fourth quarter that excitement was kindled in the hearts of the spectators as the lead volleyed from one team to the other. In the last minute of play, the home fans almost burst into tears after the Bandits took the lead by three points from two-two point conversions from Jamal Harris and Chris McGann to make the score 56-53. Nevertheless, the last 30 seconds of play action sealed the game. The Bandits made fatal mistakes in two failed attempts to score and capitalize on both occasions. Dangriga got the miracle they had prayed for to save the day. Their fans watched in suspense as their team aimed for and made the baskets needed to end with 57-56. The faces of the crowd were transformed from expressions of sadness and consternation to exultation and pride, as they experienced one of the most exciting wins they have had on their home turf. The lackluster play of the game was forgotten in the thrill of the last few seconds of the game. Fans left feeling that it was one of the best games they had attended!
It is unbelievable that even without a 24 seconds shot-clock; the Bandits players did not simply kill time in the last minutes considering that they had very experienced ballers on the court. Perhaps spirits were indeed present! Every team has an off-day, hopefully, this will be the only one that the Bandits see.  All teams need to understand that wins garnered on road will make a difference when playoffs get closer.  If the opportunity to make a steal presents itself, grab it, failure to do so may lead to future regrets. As proven by the Warriors, home games should be fought till the bitter end – one never knows for sure how they will turn out.  Those points will be crucial for playoffs aspirations. In this game, the Warriors were led by: Trevaughn Usher 16 pts 4 rebs, Jamir Flores 10 pts 9 rebs 4 assts 4 stls, and Shai Peters 8 pts 4 rebs; while in a losing effort for the Bandits, Jamal Harris had 17 pts 7 rebs, Kyle Pascasio 11 pts 8 stls, and Christian Rodriguez 9 pts 4 rebs. The Warriors are now (1-0), while the Bandits are (1-1). Week 3 will see Dangriga Visitng Cayo and Belmopan hosting Toledo.


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