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Belize Basketball Federation launch Elite Basketball League with FIBA Organizer!!! PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 01 April 2014 09:13

The Elite Basketball League in Belize has recently become the first Basketball Federation outside of Australia to use the new online version of FIBA Organizer.

Over the past twelve months SportingPulse has been customising our online competitions module to cater for both grassroots and elite basketball. The online tool is now fully integrated with FIBA LiveStats and Stadium Scoring.

Belize Basketball Federation President Paul Thompson was complementary of the online FIBA Organizer, “FIBA Organizer and Livestats programs have provided a breakthrough in the use of technology to record all aspects of organizing basketball  in one location in Belize. In the past, data about tournaments and games would take days before information would be released to basketball stakeholders. This robust program now allows coaches to strategize, players to follow their progress, fans to gain information and the media to have easy access to all of their questions and concerns. In a developing country, like Belize, this is an example of technology enhancing and developing basketball.”

Ben Turner, SportingPulse International, notes that Belize is the first of many Federations to begin using the new solution. "We are exciting to be piloting the online edition of FIBA Organizer with the Belize Basketball Federation. They have been a long time user of FIBA LiveStats and we appreciate their eagerness to try out the new tool."

"The online version of FIBA Organizer has already been rolled out throughout Australia and the completion of the FIBA LiveStats integration we are ready to begin rolling out the tool Internationally,".

National Federations and Leagues can request access to the online FIBA Organizer by visiting www.fibaorganizer.com


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