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Summer Camp in San Ignacio Coming to an End!!!

The San Ignacio and Santa Elena Basketball Association, SSBA, conducted a basketball camp from August 15 – 19, 2011at the Falcon Field in San Ignacio Town.  The camp was geared toward teaching the fundamentals of basketball, while incorporating sportsmanship, teamwork and good conduct among the participants.  The camp was be conducted by 8 coordinators, who taught drills and skills to assist with shooting, passing and dribbling.  
The camp catered to participants in 3 different age groups, namely 5 – 10 years old, 11 – 13 and 14 – 17 years old.  Over the past week, there were 107 participants.  

 Who says I can't dunk??

The camp is closing tonight at the Falcon Field tonight starting at 5:30 p.m., where each division will play a knock-out tournament, followed by a three point contest and a dunk contest in an 8-foot rim.
We would like to thank the sponsors of this camp: Bowen and Bowen Ltd., Dr. Douglas Smith, BECOL, Mr. Clifford King, Aguada Hotel, Big – H, Mr. Earl Trapp and the SSBA.

 Drills taught to the young future stars. 


Campari Blaze Vanquished the Phantomz!!!

Last night at the UB Gymnasium in the Garden City, the BBA tournament continued its regular season featuring two games. In the first game, San Ignacio Western Ballaz (2-0) crushed Roaring Creek (0-1) in an impressive show of discipline, tactics and coaching.  The Western Ballaz is a team to watch and probably one of the two contenders for this year’s championship games.  Although they did not have a good start, the Ballaz soon got the lead in the first quarter and held on to the end. At the end of the second quarter, the Ballaz only had a ten point lead. Everything crumbled down for Roaring Creek in the third and fourth quarters as they seem to have run out of gas; they might have been discouraged with what was being accorded. Some of the players were claiming that the referees were being biased in their calls in favour of the San Ignacio team.  They began to dedicate more of their attention to challenging calls and disputing with the referees than on actually playing ball. They became pretty vocal and used some very colorful words to express themselves. Although one may understand their frustration, the Association would like to make a request for players to recall that these are family events and would like them to set a good example for the young people and possible future basketballers out there.  Also remember that the BBF and FIBA all frown upon blatant displays of disrespect and poor sportsmanship.  The end result was that Roaring Creek lost concentration and garnered only 22% from the charity line and 31% from field goals. At the end of the third quarter, the lead had extended to 70-37.  At this point the Ballaz seemed to have lowered their guard, but Roaring Creek failed to capitalize on the situation and by the end of the fourth quarter they had just scored eight points. The game ended in blowout fashion 85-45 with Kurt Burgess leading San Ignacio with double doubles; 25 points, 18 rebounds and three blocks, hitting 50% of his field shots, 60% of his three point shots and 71% of his free throw shots. He had an outstanding night and was on fire! In a losing effort, Kieran Bowen scored 16 points.

 Campari Blaze


The second game was competitively even. A trilling game, filled with excitement. Campari Blaze pulled out a ghost-buster trap and vanquished the Phantomz in the last two minutes to win the game 69-66. The game was very physical from beginning to end. Both teams vigorously tried to score on fast breaks forgetting that if an opponent plays fast, the best way to counterplay is to slow the pace of the game and focus on scoring. Both teams squandered countless opportunities to score and were unable to establish a clear lead which was tossed from one to the other on twelve occasions. In the last minute and a half of play, the game became really hot. Campari Blaze was up by three points and Anthony Lucas hit a monster three point shot to even the score. With a little more than a minute, Campari Blaze scored to regain lead 67-65.  The Phantomz, with ball possession and less than a minute to play, got a break but were fouled. Unfortunately, they only scored once to end the score at 67-66. With less than 50 seconds on the clock, Campari Blaze were fouled and, unlike the Phantomz, hit both free throws and took the lead by three points.  At the end of the final whistle, the win was for Campari Blaze. We certainly look forward for the return match as we know this game will be like a volcano ready to erupt.  

The Belmopan Basketball Association Tournament is underway!!!

The 2011 BBA tournament got underway with eight teams battling for the number one spot in the Garden City. The teams are; Tiger Town Hustlers, Shamax Superstars, Traveller's Bad Boys, Western Ballaz, Campari Blaze, Nets, Phantomz and Roaring Creek. So far six exciting games have been played at the UB Gymnasium, the games are played every Thursdays and Saturdays. Below is a summary of all games played so far.

Game 1
Nets                           0 Game forfeit
Tiger Town Hustlers    20

Game 2
Shamax Superstars   69
Campari Blaze          46

Top Scorers:
Shamax Superstars: Farron Loriano 25 pts, 14 rebs, 2 blks, Daniel Nolberto 12 pts, 5 assists.
Campari Blaze: Dorian Jones 14 pts, 1 blk, Raul Roches 7 pts, 8 rebs, 4 blks

 San Ignacio Western Ballers


 Traveller's Bad Boys


Game 3
Shamax Superstars 63
Phantomz             71

Top Scorers:
Phantomz: Rhetton Belisle 20 pts, 1 blk, Jamal Harris 17 pts
Shamax Superstars: Alfred Bainton 16 pts, 8 rebs, Kyle Pascascio 16 pts, 5 rebs, Farron Lorianno 13 pts, 6 rebs, 1 blk

Game 4
Western Ballaz            71
Traveller's Bad Boys     56

Top scorers:
Western Ballaz: Jovian Urbina 15 pts, Kurt Burgess 11 pts, 18 rebs, 1 blk, Shannon Guzman 11 pts
Traveller's Bad Boys: Stephen Williams 11 pts, 5 rebs, 1 blk, Mark Wagner 11 pts, Travis Lennon 10 pts, 9 rebs

Game 5
Traveller's Bad Boys    66
Nets                        62

Top Scorers:
Traveller's Bad Boys: Hayden Willoughby 18 pts, 1 blk, Ty Bradley 15 pts, 14 rebs
Nets: Dwayne David 16 pts, 11 rebs, 1 blk, Jamie Gillet 15 pts, Korie Williams 11 pts,

Game 6
Esso Tigers       64
Campari Blaze    77

Top Scorers:
Campari Blaze: Dorian Jones 24 pts, 7 rebs, Raul Roches 15 pts, 26 rebs, 1 blk, Alden Coleman 13 pts,     
Esso Tigers: Arton Tucker 19 pts, 7 rebs, 1 blk, Edward Roland 19 pts, 6 rebs  

Game 7
Tiger Town Hustlers    80
Shamax Superstars      88

Top Scorers:
Shamax Superstars: Alfred Bainton 31 pts, 13 rebs, 4 steals, Edward Irland 20 pts, 7 rebs, Sheng-Li Arnold 18 pts, 2 blks, Kyle Pascascio 11 pts, 14 rebs, 1 blk, 4 steals
Tiger Town Hustlers: Jason Daly 26 pts, 7 rebs, 6 assists, Adrian Gardiner 11 pts, Keino Greene 10 pts, 7 rebs

                                    W        L

Shamax Superstars      2          1

Western Ballaz            1          0

Traveller's Bad Boys   1          1

Campari Blaze             1          1

Tiger Town Hustlers    1          1

Phantomz                    1          0

Nets                            0          2

Roaring Creek             -           -

Belize Attends Centro Basket U-17 Championship in Puerto Rico !!!
On Monday August 1st, the National U 17 basketball team left for Puerto Rico to participate in the Centro Basket U 17 Championship tournament. The delegation includes Coach Matthew Smiling, Coach Fred Gabourel, and Coach Bernie Tarr. Eight countries will be participating in this tournament.

The tournament is divided into two groups. Group A consists of Puerto Rico, US Virgin Island, British Virgin Island and Dominican Republic. Group B consists of Belize, Bahamas, Mexico and Panama. The top two teams from each group advance to the semi final round.

The teams that place first and second in the tournament will qualify for the FIBA Americas U 18 Tournament to be held August of 2012.

The participation of the national team was made possible through the sponsorship of the Government of Belize and the Social Security Board.

The national team players are listed below with the High School they attend.
Belize’s schedule of games is as follows:

Wednesday August 3rd        Belize vs. Bahamas    @ 11 am
Thursday August 4th           Belize vs. Panama    @ 4 pm
Friday August 5th               Belize vs. Mexico    @2 pm

Alejandro Baptist     Nazarene High School
Jashield Blades        Tampa    
Bryton Codd            
Devin Daly                St. John’s College
Lincey Lopez            Sadie Vernon High School
Uhuru Mckoy            St. John’s College
Tariq Middleton        St. John’s College
Kyle Middleton         St. John’s College
Tree-vanne Moses    Lancaster High School    
Winston Reynolds    Canaan High School        
Akeem Watters        Belmopan Comprehensive
Brian White              Wesley College

Belize Participates In National Instructor Course for Referees
Mr. Karim Juan attended a clinic for National Instructor for referees in Columbia hosted by FIBA Americas. The purpose of the clinic was to train personnel to become national instructors in their respective countries. FIBA Americas mission is to train national instructors who will in turn be able to competently train referees in their respective countries, so as to increase the pool of candidates that can become international referees. This training qualifies Mr. Juan to be the National Instructor for Referees in Belize. FIBA Americas, SOL Belize, San Ignacio & Santa Elena Basketball Association And Ms Elizabeth Muschamp sponsored Mr. Juan’s travel.
  Mr. Juan officiating game Dominican Republic vs Panama.


Belize Olympic Committee & Commonwealth Games Association Award
Mr. Glenn Gill received an award from the Belize Olympic Committee & Commonwealth Games Association for his active participation as a referee for basketball for the past few years. Mr. Gill was the first Belizean to become a FIBA certified referee.

The BBF prepares for the Centro Basket U 17 Championship in Gurabo, Puerto Rico
The National U 17 basketball team that won silver medal in Costa Rica in May of this year is preparing for participation in the upcoming U 17 Centro Basket in Gurabo, Puerto Rico from August 3-7, 2011.  Fred Garcia assisted by Matthew Smiling, Fred Gabourel and Bernie Tarr are coaching the team. The team does daily workouts at the Belize City Center and strength training twice a week at the Body 2000 gym. Twelve players will be selected to represent Belize. Belize will compete against, Puerto Rico, Dominincan Republic, Bahamas, Panama, Mexico, US Virgin Islands and British Virgin Island.
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